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Ava Amore is an “employed entrepreneur,” a prominent businesswoman working as a Managing Partner at a marketing agency while also running her own business, a promotional items company. She’s determined, spontaneous, and strolls through life with humility, confidence, and her head held high.
Or at least she used to. 
At 40, Ava begins to question the choices that have led to her success. While she’s been climbing in her career, her friends have been getting married and having kids—or at least dating and having fun, while Ava sits in the dark drinking wine alone after work. 
All her life Ava has fought against society’s expectation to marry. All her life she has stood strong achieving her dreams instead of waiting to be chosen or future chasing with a man. Now, celebrating her 40th birthday without a single potential partner on her radar, she wonders if she’s traveled the right path for her life’s journey.
Ava decides to put authentic effort into having a meaningful relationship. She enlists her supportive friends to elevate her dating game. After several freestyle encounters fail and then culminates with an introduction to a lying narcissistic psychopath, Ava turns to dating apps.
The modern success-focused executive immerses herself into the dating scene menagerie of joy and sorrow, tears and laughter, love, friends, enemies, and sex. The best part is the sex! She meets a few contenders, including a culturally clueless yet likable nerd, and one brother who may very well be the love of her life—if only she could summon the courage to let herself fall again. 
I’m Single, Not Sorry is a riotous, ballsy, heart-warming, and joyous story about one woman’s path to discovering how to stay true to herself in the face of society’s expectations and the pressures that women endure.


About the Author

Much-like the main character, Ava Amore, Jennifer is a single, heterosexual woman in her forties. Although she's having a great time dating, there's still no potential life-partner in sight.

In her early twenties, Jennifer began her career in Corporate America, working her way up the ladder in Human Resources. Currently, as a senior leader in advertising, Jennifer spends her days leading diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives. And much like Ava, she too is an "employed entrepreneur" and has run a thriving communications consulting company for over ten years.

A single parent to one, over the years Jennifer devoted most of her time and energy to her son, work, school, and various passion projects. But something rattled her when she turned forty—the same year her son graduated high school and was declared "legally grown." She began to feel a little empty inside, wondering if her decision to fully embrace "singlehood" over the past fifteen years had been the right choice.

But what, exactly, is considered right? Who on earth qualifies to validate what's right or wrong when it comes to being single, in a partnership, married, separated, or divorced? No one.

Society will have you thinking, if you're bigger than a size four, you're fat. If you don't have at least 100,000 followers on social media, you're irrelevant. And if you aren't married with children by the age of thirty-five, it sucks to be you. Something must be wrong with you. You might-as-well hang it up, it's too late!

"I want women to stop putting so much pressure on themselves trying to live up to family, friends, and/or societal expectations. Who are they? No one, just another human like you and I," says Jennifer.

Not too long ago, a dear friend told Jennifer that she needed to relax her standards a bit. Quit being so difficult, because she's now past her prime and halfway over the hill. It was then that Jennifer had had enough. That was all the motivation she needed to finish this book.

This dramatic, interpersonal, somewhat-fiction work doesn’t stop at storytelling. It provides you with access to customized playlists and adult-beverage recipes created for the mood. It’s an experience!

Ava Amore and friends tell the story of love, lust, lies, loss, and living. Sing with us. Rock with us. Drink with us—and enjoy!

Book Read
July 2022 - Date TBD Soon
Los Angeles, CA

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